Vibrant Gujarat Summit To “Make In India”

The 7th Vibrant Gujarat summit is an awesome experience for me. This summit is now transformed into a mahakumbh of business opportunities…when this initiative was taken for the first time there were many challenges but serious intentions and good leadership made it a success…

I would like to mention here that vibrant Gujarat summit initiative was started by chief minister Shri Narendra Modi and few months back “Make in India” initiative is launched by prime minister Shri Narendra Modi…with same kind of challenges and criticism and with lots of happenings “make in India” is moving ahead in a positive manner…the approach of leadership has made its scope and impact much impressive.

I recall the statement of Mr. Ratan Tata “I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right”. On October 3, 2008, after a brief meeting with the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Mr. Ratan Tata declared his decision to move the Nano Project out of West Bengal. The CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi then sent an SMS to Mr. Ratan Tata, which simply said “Suswagatham”.

Few days back Mr. Narendra Modi released commemorative coin in the honour of Shri Jamsetji Tata, he paid tribute to the founder of Tata Group, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. First time in Indian history a coin is released for a businessman! I believe it’s a good initiative…in this ceremony our prime minister has said “हम भारतीय लोग अपनो के बारे में बात नहीं करते हैं” (here he pointed out a tendency of not talking about the things which we got).

After “Make in India” campaign china has also launched “Made in China” campaign and recently we hear that inspired by “Make in India” UK launches “Great Collaborations”!

At Economic Times Global Business Summit Mr. Modi called for making India a $20 trillion economy…Yesterday at ICWA Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida has said “Japan will contribute to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative to support India in becoming a base of economic growth for the Indo-Pacific region and the world”. The Indian government in a pitch to investors on its Make in India website said the country is poised to become the third largest automobile market by 2016—next only to China and the US.

Also as per a news source Mr. Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” initiative will be key aspect of 10-year-old defence pact that will be renewed during President Barack Obama’s forthcoming visit to India.

On 11th December at an event Mr. Ratan Tata has said “I have always really felt India has tremendous potential for inventions and innovations, but we never really had the opportunity because we suffer from the ‘white hair syndrome’. I have white hair (experience) and your idea is never as good as mine”. But if we look at the approach of current leadership about which Mr. Ratan Tata is also very positive, we can say that the way government is moving in right direction soon our country will provide a platform to our young inventors to go ahead and solve global problems…!


Devsena Mishra promotes advanced technologies, the startup ecosystem and government business and technology related initiatives like Digital India, Make in India and Startup India through her portals, articles, videos and books.