The Indian government’s historic decision regarding the reorganization of the Jammu and Kashmir region (which nullifies Article 370 and Article 35A, temporary constitutional provisions made in 1954) received positive response from every corner – except two unnecessarily concerned neighbors which, despite putting a lot of effort into projecting an alarmist situation in the region and internationalizing an internal matter of India, stand isolated in international forums.

A trend of narrating the strong-willed decisions of the leaders of vibrant democracies with dictatorship grammar is quite common among some progressive thinkers, some of whom live outside their homelands (which are mostly authoritarian or military-led regimes) and frequently express their views on democratic societies like India and Israel. Their narrations often consciously ignore the historical facts about the root of the ideas of dictatorship and the origin of the notion of world domination, while smartly negating the present realities of places – which give safe shelters and launching pads to these very ideas.

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