Make In India

On 13th Oct eight corporate executives got together at ITC Grand Central in Mumbai to discuss on the topic “Make in India: Ambitious or Realistic?” I believe this is not a right approach towards looking at this initiative…especially when first time government is working with good intention and applying lean approach for all those policies/laws which are creating hurdles in the realization of this program. This program is designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best in class manufacturing infrastructure.

If we keep leftist mindset and approach aside and think in terms of reality we will find that whenever we will move with such program, we will definitely face some challenges (labor laws and relates issues, taxes, technologies etc.), it is not a case with India only but it happens across the world. We have seen that in unfavorable situations and with challenges countries like Japan, Israel and even our Gujarat state has made example and unmatched progress, they have made progress in those sectors which people are criticizing even today but they led. We have a need to understand that there never will be perfect times in market when nothing will challenge us but leaders look challenge as an opportunity.

Mr. Prime Minister has said “हम चले या न चले देश चल पड़ा हैं. (Whether we walk or not, nation has started walking on the path of change).” To the expression “Look East,” our PM has added “Link West”, emphasizing on the necessity of a global vision.

Recently Tata and Airbus (European aviation giant) have submitted a joint bid to replace Indian Air Force (IAF)’s ageing fleet of 56 Avro aircraft with Airbus’ C295 transport planes. Airbus would supply the first 16 planes while the remaining 40 would be manufactured and assembled by Tata Advanced Systems (TAS) in India; soon we will hear many such initiatives.

In my opinion Make in India is a good program started by government and organizations have a need to start participating in it, for this they should start COE (Center of Excellence) specifically for this and try to make most out of it. Because there is never been a better time to make in India.


Devsena Mishra promotes advanced technologies, the startup ecosystem and government business and technology related initiatives like Digital India, Make in India and Startup India through her portals, articles, videos and books.